Deep River Media designs, installs and integrates custom digital CCTV with business. This ranges from single cameras up to large multi-location system with multiple viewers in different office all managing the same system. Both live and recorded footage may be viewed instantly on-site or remotely from any PC, laptop or on other portable devices.

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Many of our clients now also use their mobile phones to view their business while out of the office or even out of the country! Clients can view recorded footage, data from tills or clock-in systems and move PTZ cameras to discretely keep an eye on staff and customers, giving owners piece of mind over what is happening when they are not about.

We can provide a solution to virtually any issue a customer may face. Some of the main system features include: -

    - Data integration enables clients to link their EPOS system and embed the information into the camera footage. This can then be reviewed along with images or text files can be searched separately greatly reducing retail theft and staff losses. Our systems will also connect to a range of clock-in systems, tills, gambling machine and other data sources.

    - Digital Watermarking means footage may be used in the event of a claim against your business by the court or police and the courts for prosecution and the protection of your staff and customers. All our systems include “one-Touch backup” of images, audio, video and watermark testing. Many clients have found backing up and watermarking to be a problem with a number of other digital CCTV systems on the market today.

    - Remote viewing allows customer to view live and recorded footage, data and even move PTZ cameras using their mobile phones giving greater control over your business. Users can now instantly view incidents in their business without even being onsite. Control centre systems can manage up to 20,000 live camera feeds and alarm inputs bring together multiple systems and locations to a head office.

    - Mobile 12v CCTV recorders allow clients to install camera system in vans and trucks in 4x and 8x configurations. If an incident occurs footage can be reviewed instantly on a screen inside the vehicle or downloaded at the end of each day for archiving. This can reduce many claims against your business and in most cases will reduce your insurance and excess.

    - Advanced Audio recording may be integrated into certain cameras or through additional external microphones only a few millimetres wide. The audio is then played back along with the footage or outputted to backup discs.

    - Digital Access Control System can now be integrated into our systems allowing even greater control and security over your business. Managers can remotely grant or remove access to different areas of the building for individual users. User accesses are logged alongside the video footage, date and time including all failed attempts to gain access allowing detailed monitoring. This again can be managed inside a small office environment or by a central office for larger firms in multiple countries.

We use a wide selection of different camera types including full hidden, PTZ, Infer-Red night vision and long range lenses cameras. New additions include body worn cameras and recorders and advanced vandal-proof models surviving even in the worst areas.

Contact us today to see how we can make your business more secure using our extensive experience and range of products. We can provide onsite demonstrations our systems or put you in contact with our current clients to see how solutions have worked for them.